Times past mean that, when your washing machine broke down or you got a leaking pipe in your bathrooms, the first point of call would be to rummage through your cupboard to find what could have then been considered the only viable London business directory.

You’d then have to spend inordinate amounts of time going through the index and then leaf through the many pages until you found the category you required. Let us say that was the neighbourhood Plumbers. Not only would you now be acutely aware that your Lino Floor was becoming dangerously water damaged but you now have no help in making the hardest of decisions… Which Plumber do you select?

The ineffectiveness of all of this, thankfully, is something belonging to yesteryear.

Why The Change?

Because now you just grab your smartphone and look for ‘Local Plumber’.  And as a result of your smartphone being well, smart, it has found out your precise location and can instantly display a couple of local plumbers that you can immediately straight away by pressing the ‘call’ button in the list.

Wow! This is crucial for many local businesses regardless of the service you provide. So if as a local business you haven’t considered this ‘must do’ step yet, you’d better get on it!

Picking the right directory site to be outlined with is also a decision that you’ll need to make and the one that can be considered a little overwhelming.

The top 3 benefits associated with listing with a web UK Business Directory:

  • Discoverability: Having maximum visibility in the eyes of potential clients/customers is vital in growing your business. If indeed they need you, you need to be found promptly. Making use of the aforementioned case of the Plumber above, imagine someone you are close to has discovered a significant incident using their home water pipes. They get their telephone out to discover a local plumber and you do not answer! It’s proverbial business suicide. A local competitor gets the job, does a great job – in cases like this stops their house flooding – and gets a 5 star review and as a result gets more business off the back of this one job. And the same again…… You get the idea. This example relates to all sorts of local business or service, not simply Plumbers. Being listed with local online business directories must be an absolute priority if your a local business servicing an area community. Online UK Business Directories put you in front of prospective customers FAST.
  • SEO: Within the Google dominated digital age that most of us now reside in, you have to bite the proverbial bullet and socialise with the Search engine beast! The simplest way to do so – and therefore then show up on the first web page of the serp’s, preferably – is to make certain you’re listed on web business directories. In so doing, it provides your business with a certain amount of credibility if the directory you select has done their job properly, your particular list will be setup so that it will appear in Google. Meaning you don’t have to concern yourself with the intricacies of SEO.
  • Reputation: With all this conversation of discoverability and being friends with Yahoo, once a possibility actually sees your listing they need to choose whether to choose you. Simply by being outlined on the directory site you are a contender, plus you receive a degree of ‘reputation’ and ‘credibility’ in the sight of the chance. This is a massive benefit and the one which shouldn’t be overlooked. It shows the prospect that you are not some dodgy shell company with anything to cover up because ultimately it is the directories job to provide your list with SEO basic principles which creates visibility with Google and so provides you with reputation which in turn gets you home based business.