Welcome to our Premier League forecast on this winter break from normal activities!

Whilst most teams are sunning themselves in Dubai, as well as many other luxurious locations, some of the local Football teams still have to work. However, whilst there will be some interesting duels, there is hardly anything worth writing home( or to Dubai ) about!

However, here are our 4 fixture predictions for the coming weekend.


Everton v Crystal Palace (Saturday 12.30pm)

For our minds, this is more a contest between two aged, and vastly successful managers, more than a duel between two great teams. It’s hard to know exactly who’ll come out on top, precisely because the teams are not setting the world alight.

However, to our reckoning, Everton should just edge it. Despite this, two teams with underwhelming attacks should ensure that this is not a high scoring affair.


Our Prediction Everton 2 – Palace 1


Brighton v Watford (Saturday 5.30pm)

You could pretty much repeat what we just said in the last forecast for this one. The only difference is, that the two managers in this fixture are not considered ‘World Class’, more….gutsy battlers.

Watford have steadied the ship somewhat in recent weeks thankfully. However, the new manager bounce has not been as high as they would have like. Gutsy players like Deeney mean that it will be a hard fought contest, but not necessarily a pretty one.

With those thoughts in mind, the game should go with home ground advantage.

Our Prediction Brighton 2 – Watford 1 (again)


Sheffied United v Bournemouth(Sunday 2pm)

Sheffield have surprised everyone twice this season. Firstly, they have surprised us as to how well they have done with their results. And, secondly, they surprised us with their activity in the recent transfer window.

Bournemouth, on the other hand, have also surprised us. Not by good results, but, by not so good results. Led by a good, manager with more experience than his youth would suggest, Bournemouth have surprisingly run out of fizz.

We do think that Bournemouth will have something of a comeback, but probably not in this match. They will fight well, but most likely they will come afoul of the Sheffield juggernaut.


Our Prediction Sheffield 3 – Bournemouth 1


Manchester City v West Ham(Sunday 4.30pm)

The main question in this fixture is: Which team will turn up?

This is a question for both teams. City have flattered to deceive, and West Ham have done surprisingly average since Moyes took over.

Either team could have a bad day with this one. However, City are a much better squad. And, no disrespect to Moyes, they also have a far more successful manager.

With that in mind, and home ground advantage, we predict West Ham to start brightly with some sage advice from Moyes in their ears, however, we predict them to fold somewhat and capitulate towards the end.


Our Prediction City 3 – West Ham 0


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