Premier League Forecast

Welcome to our Premier League forecast on this winter break from normal activities! Whilst most teams are sunning themselves in Dubai, as well as many other luxurious locations, some of the local Football teams still have to work. However, whilst there will be some interesting duels, there is hardly anything worth writing home( or to […]

FA Cup Fourth Round Review

  Chelsea made it into the England Cup quarter-final edging past Saturday’s second division side Hull, 2–1, while Tottenham will have to play again after a 1–1 draw with Southampton. West Ham, meanwhile, were eliminated at home (1-0) by Second Division team West Bromwich Albion. The Chelsea Blues, who have target success in the cup, […]

4 Outstanding Places to Visit in the UK

  The UK is an extraordinary place to visit. You have amazing sights, stunning locations and high quality food, all of which make for a perfect vacation. But with so many great places to explore in the UK? How can you pick the right one for you? You can browse an UK directory for ideas, […]

5 reasons to visit the Wimbledon Championships

  It goes without saying that Wimbledon Championships are among the world’s most recognized tennis championships. Being one of the most popular sports in the world, tennis is associated with class, politeness, and excitement. So, visiting a prime event like Wimbledon Championships must be a great experience for any tennis enthusiast. That being said, let’s […]

An overview of the history of ‘The London Eye’

The London Eye has become a monarch of the world-famous London city. It stands proud in the Jubilee Gardens overlooking the beautiful River Thames. Although the London Eye is a modern attraction and there are plenty of other historic attractions in London, Londoners welcomed it wholeheartedly and already it has become a brand for London […]

London Comic Con Spring 2020 – A Universal Must See!

London Comic Con Spring 2020   Bring out your inner sci-fi geek with London Comic Con. If you need a fix of autographs, photo shoots, and celebrities, then Comic Con is for you! Headlining the celebrity buffet lineup will be the ever popular Christopher Lambert. Also appearing are rumoured to be Charles Dance, Colin Baker(Dr. […]

London Financial Capital of The World

London The Financial Capital, Since When?   London has the reputation of being the financial capital of the world. However, is this a new title, or, is it something that has been earned over many, many years? Undoubtedly, the world of finance has exploded over recent decades. Restraints such as the Gold Standard, and ‘innovations’ […]