The London Eye has become a monarch of the world-famous London city. It stands proud in the Jubilee Gardens overlooking the beautiful River Thames. Although the London Eye is a modern attraction and there are plenty of other historic attractions in London, Londoners welcomed it wholeheartedly and already it has become a brand for London city. Many of the vendors in London local directory who depend on tourism consider this magnificent structure as a blessing.

The beginning

It is true that London Eye was initially opened by Tony Blair – the then Prime Minister – back on 31 December 1999. However, the public was not allowed to access this structure until 9 March 2000. In fact, the reason behind the delay was a capsule clutch problem.

The truth is that the London Eye was built as a temporary attraction to the London city for a period of five years. After noticing the substantial attraction from the public and the benefits the businesses in the London local directory experienced with the help of it, the operators made a special request to Lambeth Council expecting to make the London Eye a permanent attraction. That was back in December 2001. The request became fruitful in July 2002.

Now, more than 3.5 million visitors check out the London Eye every year and as of today, it has become the most popular paid tourist attraction in the country. An interesting thing about the rides is that people call them ‘Flights’ instead of ‘Rides’. That is particularly because it was sponsored by British Airways.

The purpose

The London Eye was an idea of David Marks and Julia Barfield a husband-and-wife combination. They came up with this idea during a competition which encouraged Londoners to design a whole new concept as a landmark to celebrate the new millennium. Although the contest didn’t go as planned, the idea of Mark and Barfield was a very impressive one.

The London Eye has transformed into a modern-day tourist site

Just like the predictions that were made during the construction of the London Eye, it became exceptionally popular among the visitors. As of now, it is considered as the most visited tourist attraction in London (as mentioned before, more than 3.5 million visitors per year).

Once you get on the London Eye, you will be able to view many other London attractions. For instance, a ‘Flight’ (ride) in the London Eye can give you a beautiful view of the following.

  • Buckingham Palace
  • The Imperial War Museum
  • The Oval Cricket Ground
  • The Tate Gallery
  • Westminster Abbey
  • The Globe Theatre
  • Big Ben
  • The Tower of London
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • The British Museum
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • and The Telecommunications Tower.

Each ride on the London Eye will take 30 minutes because it travels at a speed of 0.6mph giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the view leisurely.

There is no shortage of transportation facilities to the London Eye because it is located at the heart of London. In addition to that, plenty of businesses listed on London local directory are benefitted from the London Eye. If you visit London, the London Eye is a must-see!

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