It goes without saying that Wimbledon Championships are among the world’s most recognized tennis championships. Being one of the most popular sports in the world, tennis is associated with class, politeness, and excitement. So, visiting a prime event like Wimbledon Championships must be a great experience for any tennis enthusiast. That being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to visit the Wimbledon Championships.


  1. Wimbledon is the birthplace of tennis tournaments

Just like other sports like rugby, football, and cricket, tennis too originated in Britain. In addition to that, the rules of modern-day tennis games were introduced in Birmingham back in the 19th century. Also, Wimbledon is the place where the first-ever tennis game was held. That was back in 1877. In fact, it is believed that people started to call this game ‘Tennis’ around the same time (previously it was known by rather an awkward name “Sphairistikè”).


  1. Wimbledon tournaments are very decent

When it comes to Wimbledon championships, the politeness is maintained with all the aspects. For instance, Wimbledon doesn’t offer singles and doubles for men and women. Instead, it offers Wimbledon singles and doubles for ladies and gentlemen. Also, the players can take the opportunity bowing to the ‘Royal Box’ once they appear in the middle of the Centre Court.


  1. By far, Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis tournament

There are four Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the world. However, Wimbledon is standing ahead of the rest from various aspects. In fact, being present at Wimbledon Championships is pretty much of a dream of the players as well as the spectators. It gives a sense of history and the prestige of the occasion which is not so common. Moreover, Wimbledon Championships are one of the major tournaments where the original grass surface is used, just like the old days. Well, it is needless to mention that a win in Wimbledon court is a remarkable value addition to the resume of a tennis player.


  1. The presence of the Royal Family

Pretty often, the Royal Family tends to visit Wimbledon Championships. If you can visit this Championship, you can have the prestige of being at the same event with the Royals, can’t you?


  1. The retractable roof

Unlike the old days, Wimbledon’s courts are not exposed to rain anymore. That means, even if it rains, the Centre Court is protected by a retractable roof which unfolds during rain so the game will continue without any issues. The scene of folding and unfolding the roof is pretty exciting.


In addition to the prestige, the history and the class of the game, Wimbledon Championship is famous for the number of strawberries and cream consumed. As per the statistics, more than 34 metric tons and 10,000 liters are consumed at Wimbledon during the championships. You can contribute to that by visiting this grand event.


Besides, if you take a look at a London business directory, you can see plenty of local businesses that use the prestige of the Wimbledon Championships to brand themselves.

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